The New Apple iMac in 4K Resolution

Let me just start off this blog post with “wow”. I just bought the new 2015 Apple iMac (with 4K display) and I can just say I am amazed. In this post, I will not be reviewing the new desktop (there are already a ton out there on the Internet), but I will just give out my personal opinions, first impressions, and some valuable information. Why is this important? Because I am just a standard consumer. I am closer to you in terms of where we are (again, I am just a regular consumer vs. the “authority” figures over at CNET that write reviews professionally). I feel this is a better way to understand a product and I would personally much rather hear from the average Joe than a professional computer reviewer.

Moving on: I already stated how impressed I am with the iMac. Like all the other iMacs before it, the design is just great. It has the simple touch of the Macbook Air, but in desktop form. The screen is gorgeous and wide, and the matte feel of the edges looks sleek.21.5 2015 imac

Speaking of the display, how about it? 4K, if you have not tried it yet, looks stunning. There are so many pixels in so little space and it makes me feel good watching high-fidelity graphical movies or playing intense 2015 video games. Even video production (I edit videos on the side to produce for my company and also as a hobby) or animation is a wonder because of how clear and crisp everything looks.

The resolution is 4096 pixels wide, larger than the standard “4K” display of other monitors (which come in at around 3840 pixels wide). This is a big improvement and shows how Apple stepped it up this year with their flagship desktop.

I like the size of the iMac too. At 21.5″ diagonally, it is the perfect machine for virtually anything. If I want to sit back and let the machine play some movies or TV shows, I can. I can also do some work on here, writing the blog and whatnot. The words are all so clear. If I wanted to play games on it, I could do that too and still have enough room to see everything.

The point is, this computer is rock solid. It looks, feels, and presents well. It functions smoothly and everything that brought Apple to success is in this desktop. If you like 4K technology (and are ready to see some stunning visuals, whether it be movies or videogames), then I would highly recommend giving the new Apple 2015 desktop a try.


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