Building Your Own PC – Inspiration

This post will cover some inspiration images that will (hopefully) get you off the ground and building your own desktop.

Gaming PC Build

Yes, you can build your own gaming computer (that runs 2015 games just fine; and will most likely run 2016 games even in medium settings) for just under $500. That is a sweet price to pay for something that plays games well.

Building your own computer

Lighted up interiors are stunning in terms of visuals when you are building your computer.

PC parts

Completed self built computer

The above pictures are cool simply because you can turn the first image of the two, into the second image, just through work and research. Basically, take all those PC parts and hardware (the separate CPUs, cooling systems, graphics cards, hard drives, and everything else), put it in a sleek-looking case like the second picture, install a great water-cooling system, and theme it as desired, and you have a pimping new machine that can run your games just fine.


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